Feeling the rush - Filing the IT Returns!

Never, Ever, Ever delay the filing of your IT Returns till the last minute - unless ofcourse you are some super whiz and would exactly know what it takes, or your Dad is the IT honcho who can pull strings for you.

I always file mine on time. This time, I just hope I don't miss the deadline. Why you ask? Hmm...a long story.

I was on a break from work for a couple of months, so I lost touch with reality. I used to remind Ady, so... Ady's not to be blamed. FIL retired from work, so ITR was no longer a big deal for him - so he forgot to remind us. Appa gave up following up with me when I was married. There was 'another responsible person' to take care of me. And I hadn't corrected him. He didn't have to know the truth.

Only when I saw all the commotion in office, all the fuss about filing returns on the 26th of July, did I realize there was something that had slipped.

Thankfully I had my ITR handy. So I went to the helpdesk, (thank you Google) and filled in all my details and submitted. Ady's was pending. He was and still is in Seattle. So he'd be losing an additional day. He sent me the details. Since he changed companies, filling his form was a little confusing - even to the consultant - just making it clear before you start judging me. And 27th was Ady's Birthday. I couldn't yell at him for giving the details so late. So like a dutiful wife, I did my best to make the day special for him. So he literally had two days of freedom from the yelling - IST and PST. at 12:02 AM on 28th, i called him "Get the details. Why are you so late? blah blah.." knowing fully well it was all my miss.

Then the consultant sent in some details, home loan, sans home loan... some figures, which I did not like. But I decided to pay. it's better I do it on time and claim later. I'll prolly get the money back in time for Driti's wedding, some 25 years later.

Citibank did not deem it right to tie up with the tax department, and I forgot Ady's ICICI details. So I had to plead with Appa, and he is an SBI loyalist. SBI took a call and scheduled to make the online payment tomorrow. So no challan yet.
I canceled the payment finally. Browsing the unfriendly SBI site - calling the consultant a zillion times in between.

And then I wrote a step by step mail to Ady
1.go to http://www.tin-nsdl.com/
2. click on the 4th bullet: e-payment: pay taxes online
3. choose challan no.ITNS/ 280
4. choose 0021
5. enter your details : your pan is: BLAH23BLAH
6. Fill in address details: HOME YOU STAY IN
7. please give my email id and mobile no. as you wont be able to access yours
8. choose: 300 - self assessment tax
9. bank name - enter your bank icici (if you notice citibank is not listed and hdfc does not have so much money and my login has expired. that's why i cannot pay)
10. enter the characters displayed
11. it will take you to the login page of icici. enter the tax amount. don't enter anything else - surcharge etc. ENTER ONLY TAX AMOUNT. ( whatever the amount you think we should pay. i've given up here)
12. please check the details... does it say payment will be made tomoro, today etc... make sure payment is instantaneous. i got stuck with sbi, because payment was scheduled for tomoro and we did not have the challan no.
13. once you enter, you will get a cin generation (challan identification no) -
14. just send that to me along with all transaction details, like ref no etc.
15. just do a print screen and send everything
16. Also share your icici log in and pwd details, just in case.
17. Relax. I'll do the worrying after that.
18. I've crossed my fingers.

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