Dialogues through life

Life pre 2003:
Hyderabad, Parental Home:
Standard Dialogues:
1. Vasu, come home by 6:00 ok.
2. I'll pick you up if you're late.
3. I'll pray to God that you get Good marks.
4. Don't fight with your little sister
5. Eat properly

My Reaction: Can I please get my space?

XLRI, Jamshedpur
Scheduled calls back home - daily - 9:00 PM, when std rates are low, from public phone booth, beating long queues with cute smiles to the 'booth uncle'
Standard Dialogues:
1.Take care of yourself beta, eat well.
2. let us know if you need more money.
3. I will make your favourite idlis when you come back home.

My reaction : Wow! Distance really makes you more important!

2005 - 2007
Delhi, New Job
Standard Dialogues:
1. Take care of yourself
2. Eat well
3. I'll make your favourite food when you're here.
4. Why doesn't your company give you leaves?

My Reaction: When can I go home?

2007 - 2009
Post marriage
Standard Dialogues:
1. Take good care of Mapilai (SIL)
2. Prepare good food. I'll tell you the recipe
3. When are you guys coming to Hyderabad?
4. I'll make your favourite dish - tamarind rice - without ground nuts.

My reaction: Wow, now both of us are important

Post Driti
Standard Dialogues:
1. What is Driti doing?
2. I'll make her favuorite food You can pick out the groundnuts and eat.
3. Is she eating well?
4. She is such an angel

My reaction: My baby is really precious. But where on earth did I disappear? :)

Driti's world:
1. Driti, come home by 10:00 ok?
Ma, my name is 'Sam', can you please not embarrass me with old fashioned names?
2. I'll pick you up if you're late.
Ma, I can drive down.I don't need an escort anymore you know!
3. I'll pray to God that you get Good marks.
Chill Ma! It's not like the end of the world! And we call them 'coolness quotient', 'marks are so 'passe'
4. Eat properly
That reminds me, where's my 'organic' compressed oxygen bundle? I'll be famished by noon!

My reaction: Is this action replay in fast forward??


  1. Wooooooow, I just loved this post of yours Padmaja!!!!!!! I just could imagine every bit of your future with kids. :)

  2. I just saw this! Yes, now that's how frequently I've been checking :) Makes me realize that I need to be more regular. So I just hope this is not like my new year resolutions.Thanks Hima for your comments! Let's just hope.. i have some.. whatever little control over bring my kid up:)