The Last Word

As much as I'd hate to admit, DD is seriously changing loyalties. She is gravitating toward the other parent and there's little I can do about it. 

The two play a lot of games, have meaningful in-depth discussions, share a lot of laughter. It is amazing to see the two of them in action. I am there too, just somewhere in the background and fondly remembered when she is hungry or sleepy. 

Recently, the two of them played 'In a  Pickle'. It's not an easy game to explain in a short blog post, but basically it's whoever has a higher value card - word wise, wins.  Example, mountain is bigger than building (generally speaking), so the person who played 'mountain' wins. 

At one particular point, DD played 'Love' and Ady played 'Life'. 

They called me to judge. "Which one's bigger Mamma?"

"Explain yourselves" I said giving them each an opportunity to present their case. 

DD started. "You can be a very small person, but you can love beyond your life. I am small, but I love you, and you are very big. Even after a person dies, their love can stay. So love is bigger than life." she concluded. 

"Ok, you win!" Ady conceded, without even trying to prove his card was better. He was flooded with tears, he was so moved by what his daughter had to say.

"And love moves people" I added, glaring at him. 

The tears flowed freely for a good 5 minutes and DD felt compelled to talk more about love, and her love for her father. She knew it was her moment, and was thoroughly milking it.

"Stop it already!" I told Ady. 

"These are tears of happiness, Mamma" DD said. "Papa is happy."

"I am not crying..." Ady said. 

"Yeah, you're just welling up" I said. "My word wins." I didn't want to be the only one who didn't play the game. 

Photo credit: Pixabay