Vision Auto Correction: 20/20

DD woke us up at 2 in the morning a couple of days ago.I couldn't sleep after that. So I wandered around the house, saw some Friends reruns and ended up being groggy and exhausted the rest of the day. 

My head was splitting and my eyes were burning. So after DD went to school, I thought I'd rest a bit before getting back to work. 

I just couldn't. My eyes were hurting me way too much. I obviously attributed this to my lack of sleep and resting time. But try as I may, I couldn't lie down and shut my eyes peacefully. 

Later that evening, I realized that maybe my glasses weren't nestled on my nose, and my eyes were acting up because they were missing their beloved friend. But everything was very hazy, as soon as I put my glasses on. I still braved it and wore my glasses, as I went about my job. 

At work, I couldn't see clearly. But I noticed that I could, when I got rid of the glasses. I was shocked. Had my vision auto corrected? Did finally waking up at odd hours to accommodate the little one lead to a happy incident? I was ecstatic. 

I started testing my new improved vision on everything - the poster on the wall - a hundred feet away, the bus a mile away, the cat poster which explained why it was superior to humans, I could read everything. 

I started reassessing my diet. Was my mother-in-law's food good to me? Was it the reason I could see without an aid?

When I reached home, and shared the happy news, DD was ecstatic. My mother-in-law however, asked me to be cautious. "vision correction on its own, could mean cataract", she warned. "Get yourself tested." This was like an anti climax to my merriment. Just when I was considering myself a human miracle, she gave me a warning I'd never thought I'd hear. 

So I did the best thing I could. I searched the internet to get as much information about vision auto correction and cataract. I didn't find any strong correlation, so I just went back to initial conclusion-  that I was just a miracle. 

When Ady came home, he and I had a vision test. Of course I won. He couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe it. "It's God's miracle!" said the iconoclast.

My mother-in-law quietly asked me, "Are you sure, you're not wearing your lenses?"

"Ofcourse not!" I said, unable to believe why anybody would not acknowledge my powers. I put my finger into my eye, just to prove my point. 

Well, now that explains everything. I recoiled back to my room, never to be visible to any other human eye. 

Image courtesy: Hebi Fot/Pixabay