Elsa vs Firebird

We saw the movie Frozen  in December of last year. And like a ghost, it continues to haunt us. 

Dang it, Disney!

Ever since the movie, D talks Elsa, walks Elsa, sleeps Elsa. Hell, she even Elsa's me. 

I tell her to do something, ok, something she doesn't like, and she swooshes her hands in the air and 'freezes' me. Now I can't ask her to do anything, because I am frozen. And if I still do, tears roll out... "You're not letting me be Elsa."

So, I had to come up with something for myself. I am now 'Firebird'. I can melt anything. She didn't believe in my powers, so I had to read out all about her, with 'parental guidance' of course, and she finally agreed.  



So every time she swooshes, I counter swoosh. Every time she freezes stuff, I melt it.  Her dad has yet to figure out who he’s going to be. He’s very strongly inclined to be Superman, but what can Superman do to Elsa’s magical icing powers!

And it's not just at home. All the girls in her class love the Frozen game and all the boys and the teachers are completely drained of the repetitiveness. But somehow, the game continues.

This weekend, I could see D’s obsession with the movie in its true form. She was playing with this 6-year-old boy and she was trying to convince him to play Frozen with her. “It’s for girls” the boy said. “There are no guns or cars in it”
“Well you know what?” D offered, “Why don’t you be Prince Hans and try to kill me?”

She’d much rather face attempts of death on her, than give up on that movie. She wouldn't… Let it Go!

And it really doesn't help that there are more than 39 versions of that song in various languages.

But there is a silver lining... she's opened up to more colors now. Her favorite  is no longer pink. She likes blue!. Oh well!

Image Courtesy:  Disney and Marvel