The Case of the Missing Maamas

I am trying to feed Driti and she's dodging me as always.
"Driti, you know something?" I try to engage her. " When Sreeram Maama was small, he used to trouble kollu paati a lot"
"Really?" She's surprised somebody else also troubled the elders in the family.
"Yes. He always used to trouble Kollu paati. He never used to eat, and kollu paati used to run after him saying 'Saapadra, 'saapadra' and Sreeram Maama used to say, 'Naa sapada maaten po'"
Driti burst out laughing, gulping a few more spoons down. "Sreeram Maama was very naughty when he was a kid" I added.
"Like Vijay Maama?"
"No, Vijay Maama was very nice. He never troubled anybody. Even Roohi Maami?" Now I don't know about Roohi Maami, although I tend to believe that the answer was probably negative, but I erred on the side of caution - for myself ofcourse - so she doesn't draw from the actions of her predecessors. "No Driti, even Roohi Maami was very nice. She was not naughty"
"Then Arun Maama is also nice?"
"Yes. He is and he used to eat bananas everyday. That's why he's so strong and intelligent"
"Like me?"
"Yes. Take another bite now"
"Arun Maama, is Geeta Maami's husband? She also eats bananas?"
"Yes" I hope Geeta you do, if not, please start eating now.
"I have soooo many Maamas and Maamis?"
"Yes Driti. But there is no Siddu Maami?"
"No. Siddu Maami will come soon"
"She's in Makkayala Makkayala"
"Oh, you're talking about that Siddu Maama? No, even there, that Makkayala aunty is not your Maami. You can ask him when you meet"
"What is his mother's name?"
"No, she keeps calling me 'chellam?'"
"Oh ho.. you're confusing two Siddu Maamas.  You did not meet the Makkayala Siddu Maama,, you'll meet him in April when we go to visit him. The Nimmu Paati Siddu was in India"
"Yes. I like him. But if I have so many Maamas and Maamis, why are they not coming to meet me?"
Now I managed somehow - but you owe it to your niece. Why not?