Changing Priorities

Spring Break was a welcome breather. After the hectic curve balls from life, the few days off our routine was surely something we could use.

We wanted to go to a place that D would appreciate too. But a lot of fun for her meant not so much for us. Disney Land, Disney World or any other place starting with a Disney was out of question. Especially since the trailer of one of the most dreaded movies is out - yep Frozen. 

So we headed out to a water theme park after enjoying the Tulip festival. 

"What is the best vacation you've ever had?" Ady decided to ask toward the end of the trip. 
"You mean in my whole entire life?" D answered. 
"Yes, of course, your whole entire life." 
"India!" She answered. "I love going to India."

"Why?" Of course the father wanted to know all the reasons. "Is it because it is shiny and sparkly and has great clothes or is it because of your family?"

"It is because of my family in shiny bright clothes" came the reply. You ask a leading question, you get an expected reply. 

"Mamma, what about you?" D wanted to know.

"I love camping."

"Why?" Now she wanted to know my reasons. 
"Because its just 'us' time, and we get to talk and sing and dance..."
"And there's no internet..." Ady added.
"But there is no internet." D almost added at the same time. 
"What?" both Ady and I were shocked. "What did you say?"
"There is no internet. How will we play games, watch movies?"
"It is exactly why we like camping" Ady said. 
"No, I mean Mamma works on the internet too, so..." 

As usual, we were rendered speechless. It is the generation of sparkles, shiny clothes and the internet.