The Birthday Bash!

It took us quite a while to close in on the perfect card. We did not want to use pink or purple, fairies or angels. We wanted our daughter's Birthday to be a different one. And she made things a lil easier. She looooves animals and fishes. She made it easy for us to choose a theme. So it was easier - now to choose the right card. 

Each of us used a personal touch - to make her special day - even more special. I made the  invitation card, 

Ady drew a remarks card (and I am not sure if was because of the occassion, but the card was one of the most beautiful pieces of Ady's work)

Here are the pics from the event. 

Driti Turns One!

March 24th 2010

Dear Diary,

Thank you for a wonderful day today. I know its a long shot, but I hope Driti remembers atleast something from today. How many children actually have the privilege of the company of both sets of grandparents gracing the first major occasion in  their lives. Driti, for one is blessed. Touch wood.

Both Ady and I took an off today. Work can always wait. Driti is not going to turn one again. I can't believe my priorities have changed - and so drastically. Work used to be everything for me. Not anymore. I'll do my job. But I'll live my life. I owe a huge Thank You Card to Ady, for helping me think right.

We bought 5 sets of new clothes for Driti. One for the morning, one for the evening. One for the morning of 27th, when we actually will throw a party for her - for the staging and one for the actual party. The fifth one was a 'just like that' dress.

Mama made Kheer for Driti and we bought a lil cake. Amma, Appa joined us in the evening, and all of us went to N Grill. It's a nice place and real good food. Only next time, remind me not to take folks who only prefer Daal, Chawal and Roti (Yep... the Dads from both the sides.) Amma and Mama enjoyed their meals. Shitanshu came over to wish his 'niece' just because he wouldn't be able to make it to the party on the 27th. He was going to Mumbai. It was just the 7 of us and Driti. But it was a priceless moment.

Driti may not have noticed a difference and that this was her 'special day'. The Brat that she is, is used to all the attention and pampering from everyone around.

We recorded special messages for baby dearest. And Ady and I couldn't help but wonder, how soon time had flown.