If Everyone was a Circus Artist...

In all her five years, we've had many moments trying to figure out what her career choice would be. D's particularly wanted to be several things at several instances - a Cooker (chef), if she liked what I made, a Scientist if she wants to create ice like Elsa, a Ballerina, because well, who doesn't like dancing, even a a Butterfly, for all the colors. 

Her latest ambition, is to become a Circus Artist. It may as well be a viable option considering that she never uses stairs, hangs on anything 'hangable' - trees, railings, even our shoulders. She's good at somersaults,cartwheels, uncoordinated jumping jacks. But a career in Circus Arts? As long as she doesn't ask me for money after we've retired, I think I am perfectly OK with the idea. In fact I admire all that flexibility. I wish I could do that. 

So anyway, when there was a theme given to her at her school - "The World would be a Better Place If..." to draw, I wasn't surprised when she decided to draw the Circus. 
Of course the world would be a better place if everybody knew Circus! Duh!

So I waited patiently till she finished her color coordination, her swirly patterns, her hoops with performers in it. She wanted me to observe her 'method' if you will. 

After she was all done, I asked her. 

"So how will Circus make the world a better place?"

"It's not the Circus, Mamma", she said in all earnest.

"So you didn't draw a Circus?" I was feeling so foolish. Did I misinterpret her art? Is she going to be crushed? Have I ruined her confidence?

"No, this is a Circus." She confirmed, allowing me to exhale. "But I wanted to say that the World would be a better place if all of us were Circus artists."

I had to choose my words, carefully. "How?" I asked, at the risk of sounding stupid.

"If everyone is a Circus artist, they'll have a lot of fun and energy. If people are not bored and tired, they can do amazing things!"

I had no words. It made so much sense. If I weren't bored or tired, I'd probably keep the house sparkling clean. I would also get hubby to do a lot more stuff than I already get him to. Just think of the possibilities!!

I was super impressed, and I guess that's where I'm headed, with her - Circus classes.