Driti's Career Choice!

Have you ever noticed that when your husband is trying to play with your baby, he becomes so engrossed in the game that the baby comes to you crying, Papa's not letting her play?

That's at least the story in our house and a few more that I know. Even so, Ady is the only other person in the house over 3 ft who can help me get the short one ready in time for school. Today, was no different. He was supposed to get her to eat her breakfast while I was making lunch for the two of them.

Ady tried everything he could. I could hear bell noises, blocks falling down, Driti crying for her turn with the sketch pen, Ady pretending to be a tiger - everything. I was pretty sure he would come down soon enough giving up. "Your daughter won't drink" or if he was lucky, "My daughter finished her breakfast". 

So after a lot of fight deciding who plays 'Temple Run' better, Ady came down to the kitchen all excited. Yeah, Ady. "So who won?" I asked, trying to figure out if the spinach needed salt or masala. "What? Is that even a question?" he remarked. "Of course I won".
"Great achievement. Beating a three year old" I snickered. "She did exhaust all my gems" he added sheepishly.

I have no idea what these stupid gems are and why the two kids in the house went nuts over that silly game. If anything, I would appreciate them running toward the temple in real life.

 "Then why are you all so excited?", I asked. 
"Oh, that's for a different reason. I finally figured out what Driti's going to be when she grows up!" I had multiple emotions brewing through me at this point. How did he know before I did? Is she closer to him? Am I a bad mother? Is he enforcing his choices on her?

"You don't want to know?" he urged.

"What?" It may not be all. Maybe she'll change her mind and when she does, she'll tell me first.  I tried reasoning to myself. "Yeah.. what is she going to become?"

"You know, when we were playing Temple Run, I decided we'd had enough. It was time for her to go for a bath. So I hid the iPod in my pocket"

"I'm so glad you did that" I said encouragingly. At last, the game was not going to rule our lives!

"Yeah. And then Driti was so sweet, she came and hugged me and kissed me"

"And with that you figured she's going to be a....."

"She hugged me alright" Ady continued, ignoring me. "But she thrust her hands into my pocket, to remove the iPod!! She's going to be a pick pocket!!"

I had no idea how to react to that. "And you're proud of it?"

"No, it just seemed so cute, I...." now Ady did not know how to react. 

"She won't be a pickpocket, will she?" he asked, suddenly all concerned. 

D,who had now entered the room looked at her confused dad with great concern. 

"Mamma, Daddy looks weak. I think he needs to eat some vegetables"

"She's going to be a Doctor!" the two of us screamed to a startled three year old.

"No, I want to be Tinker Bell!"

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