Of Oysters and Octopuses

A three year old, of a friend visited home last week. He and Driti quite hit it off. Well, she hit and he took off. But somewhere, at some level, some deep level - invisible to the naked eye, I think we saw some friendship brewing, 'cause my baby, did offer her prized 'dancing and noisy Pooh' to him to play with, and he suspiciously took it from her. She loved it that Ishaan was equally in love with her toy.

Ishaan and Driti's dads had gone to get some liquids, if you know what I mean. So,Ishaan's Mom suggested we switched to the Animal Planet, so there's peace and quite in the house. Apparently Ishaan likes to watch animals, and Driti likes to make the sound of animals - so we had reached a neutral ground.

They were showing something about Oysters. Every time they said Oyster, Ishaan said "Ball". Maybe he was referring to the pearl, we assumed. Pearl is also spherical.We corrected him every time -his mom and I - "Pearl baby not ball". But he kept saying ball. We let him be.

So when his father came in, we told him. But he had to hear it to believe it. He waited patiently for his son to prove the allegation. As expected, when the narrator was saying - Oyster, he immediately said, "ball".

"What ball Ishaan?" his father asked apprehensively, another proud parent. "He got up and kicked. "Fooball"
And we put two and two together. Oysters- Octopuses and football!!! He had been watching the game with his dad.
The poor boy was confused between Paul and a nameless Oyster. Who Knows? next time, it could actually be an Oyster! :-)


  1. Right out of the mouth of babes..eh??
    You write well, Padmaja.