Mom Rules!

Driti's started going to Day Care. But she clings on to the teacher. She doesn't even look at the children there. "She prefers older and wiser people to young and immature kids", I keep comforting myself.

The other day, I went to the day Care to pick her up. She was sitting in the teacher's lap, refusing to get down. There was another boy, about a year older to her, also in the same boat... er .. lap, and the two of them were actually vying for a one-upmanship, or in this case, a one-upkidship.

"Driti see, Mamma", the aaya said, coming to the rescue of the teacher. Immediately the little elf jumped down the teacher's lap and came running to me. It was as if the teacher did not exist anymore. Arhaan, I found out the name of the other kid sharing the 'throne' with Driti, was her 'almost friend'. He tried playing with her and She prefered the teacher. That's why he mounted the lap. To sit with Driti. So cute! So as soon as Driti got down, he got down as well. The teacher came up to us - Driti and me, trying to kiss her goodbye. And No! She wouldn't let her touch her!

"This happens" the teacher said. "when parents come, children totally change", stealing my thunder. I thought I was that special person in Driti's life.

Arhaan came over "Deetee... bye..." and the girl... "Pffff..." she pushed her tongue out and hugged me tighter. Atta girl!No boyfriends just as yet. I hear her say... "My Momma's the best" If you put all the sounds together, you can hear her say that. Atleast I think so!

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