Play Date at Work!

Hema, my friend at work and I had long planned on getting the kids over - a play date may be. In her place or mine or maybe at the office, to let them see where their Moms worked, especially since its now Greatest place to work in India.

But, as usual, something always happens. Either Hema does not get a cab, or is too scared to travel with Anagha or Ady tells me not to take Hema to Archana's (another friend from office)house, because it's too far and Hema is totally pissed off that I didn't get my darling, or Hema and I are on a mutually exclusive set of days of break.

So today, we finally made up our minds, and decided come what may, we'll get the kids. We asked a few more colleagues to get their little ones too. The pact was to get as many kids as possible, just in time for TGIF. A &D were born a week apart, and they deserved to know the products of the notes their mothers exchanged. Yes, everything from morning sickness, to the brand of diaper, to the next career steps, Hema and I discussed almost everything. And it was time the girls met with each other, before Hema went back to the land of the Queen.

After a last minute cancellation by easy cabs, I arranged for another cab to pick her up. The princess of London needs help with the local four wheeler service.

The girls arrived at 2:30, mothers in tow. Vikram brought his little darling as well, the youngest of the lot. All of 11 months.

It was fun to see the whole office amused at the screeching sounds and baby talks.

The children had fun meeting with Aunties, and Uncles and playing with all kinds of balls. Small, big, pool.

Driti barged into a manager's cabin, followed by yours truly, not realizing he was in a call. She screamed, I screamed, only to be shushed, shoved and shown the door. Of course he did come back after the call to give her a big hug.

Driti, Anagha and Yutika were adorable together. The office and the swings did seem to entertain them.

It was a play date alright, but more for the parents than for the kids. I don't think they knew or really cared much about it. As long as they got their cookies and other 'vital' needs they were just fine!

Here are some pics!

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