The Week that Was

This week's by far been the worst - at least health wise.

Driti and I were both down with the flu - I gave it to her, and then just when I thought I was ok, I had to give in to my silly urge for Schezwan Potatoes. Not that they were bad or anything, they were not the right recipe for getting back to health.
I didn't think twice before the indulgence, but I so do now!

I couldn't couldn't and one more time, couldn't eat anything else after that. It was always, inflow - outflow. So, nothing actually stuck in my body. Damn those potatoes.

So, Ady insisted I should visit the doctor, and the doctor - insisted I should get a shot, and the nurse, insisted it had to be on my vein.

A superb shot was followed by a seemingly unending list of medicines. What the hell's that? I have only one mouth. I can't take 7 at a go!

To add to the woe, my maid fell sick. Thank goodness, we decided to leave Driti in Amma's house. I finally realized I can't share sickness with her. Sickness and health is reserved for Ady - he married me right?

And now, Ady has to go to Seattle - on his Birthday! Could it get a little more cruel in here? Yes.. I need to travel 25 KMs - staying at Mom's place -one way. I just hope to God, come Monday - its a hale and healthy week. And Ady has a great birthday!

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