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I'm hoping Sunday will be the last day for all the madness - atleast for the next month. - Is that too long a period already?

I'm talking about the new epidemic - football. Honestly, I don't like watching sports. Courtesy marriage, I've just started enjoying Table Tennis - the rally, not a full -fledged game. So if you start with your smashes, chances are you'll be playing with an invisible me for the next shot. So given my appetite for sports, it is but obvious that this season is a real pain ... everywhere. Added to this is Paul. Yeah! We did not have enough Soothsayers around already so we're turning to a skeleton less, bilaterally symmetric cephalopod.

I was thinking Cricket Matches were the only 'events' that came between me and the remote. It's always, "this is the most crucial match" - crucial for what? humanity? to remove world hunger? to discuss the brewing inter country nuclear issues? I fail to see the 'big' picture.

The numerous formats that they come in, only adds to the agony.' It's only a T-20, just 3 hours" - ok - maybe I can watch it like a boring movie, or "only a one day", or "only a series", or "the quintessential world cup". Now, where on earth did football come from?

I've been married only 3.5 years, so may be I've missed the world cup 'experience' of football in 2006 (heaving a silent sigh of relief here) . But this world cup, the only good things are 'Zakumi' and 'Waka Waka' Driti already runs to hold anything I hate the sight of - a cricket bat, a tennis racquet, the less intolerable badminton racquet, or the football. Is this where I see my future? Am I going to be a (dread dread) 'Soccer Mom'?

At this point, I actually like Blogger. The recommendation is to change racquet to racket - yep- great minds think alike. The sports industry is indeed a racket - against all sitcoms that loyal audience track.

If you're complaining about the sitcoms, as a waste of time - they atleast end!!
And they last only for a half hour - once a week. Okay sometimes.. once a day, but still - its only half hour!

The sporting events never ever end!!

And no...if the suggestion is to record the sitcom, here's a follow up: When do I get to watch it? There's always that crucial match that's on!!!

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