Quarter Life Crisis!!!

Per our Sunday ritual, Pappu and Shitanshu were home to visit Driti. Whenever Pappu is around, there is usually a tumultuous conversation. We discuss almost everything on earth. From Oxytocin to ND Tiwari, to Cloning to Modi. Almost everything. Think of a topic and chances are we've already discussed about it, or Pappu is reading about it now.

This time however, Pappu was in a reflective mood. "Am I doing the right thing? Is there a purpose of doing anything at all in life? Am I supposed to be slogging it out crunching numbers, finding trends between things, which do not for a second affect my life? Do I have to work for money? Should I work for money?" Just when we thought something was seriously wrong with our Pappu, here's what he said " Actually, the money is not that bad. Do you ever have such thoughts?", he suddenly turned toward me. " Am I the only person who thinks this way?"

"Quarter life Crisis" , I smiled.  " It's just coming in a little late for you."

"Do you go through it too?"

"Yep. I did go through it. When I was switching companies. I used to go through it quite frequently. Now, I don't know. May be I don't think too much anymore?"

"What about you Ady?", he asked.

"If I were to think that ways, it's going to be called Mid-life crisis for me", he said gloomily, suddenly realizing he was 30.

"Oho! " I said. "What's the matter with you guys?"

"Yeah! Why do you want to think too much into what this 10th glass boy is saying", Shitanshu remarked, commenting on Pappu's build.

"But   I am confused. I don't know what to do." said Pappu.

" You should go home and cook for us", Shitanshu remarked.

" Hey, do you know how they make KFC chicken?", Pappu suddenly took off on a different tangent.

So we learnt more about their recipe and why we should not eat it.

So I mentally recorded, "Not knowing what decision to take is Quarter- life Crisis. Not knowing if your decisions are right, is Mid Life Crisis! :-)"


  1. You should add the disclaimer "This article is not related to any persons, living or dead. Any resemblances are purely coincidental."


  2. Great blog Padmaja,

    Btw I seem to have both the problems - dunno wat to do now, dunno if wat i did was right - perhaps its Quarter Mid life :P

  3. Sorry Histriophile. Just saw your comment. Everyone goes thru a phase, may be this time, we can even label it after you :-)