Who's Birthday is it Anyway?

I am very bad at remembering Birthdays, anniversaries or any important dates. (Strange considering I scored a 97% in History in School). May be its the age catching up.

You tell me its your birthday tomorrow, I will still not remember unless my BB or my calendar reminds me on the day. And if its not there on my calendar, it's not your special day! So even if you show me your birth certificate, chances are I'd think they're fudged.

My mom, and Mom-in-law on the other hand are memory machines. Even if it's a cousin's cousin's, sister-in-law's, niece's son's wedding day - they'd know. So apart from my calendar, the only 2 people I trust are my moms.

The place I am therefore stuck is when it is their birthday! Who's gonna tell me then? Yes! you guessed it. Mom reminds me of Mon-in-law's and Mom-in law of my Mom's. Yes. I am that shameless! Sorry.. but it just doesn't register. (I am good with numbers though. So if you thought it is a problem in registering numbers, I'd say the diagnosis is incorrect. I can tell you the increment percentage, attrition numbers, employee codes any time of the day. So there! You can tell me what the problem is now!)

So tomorrow apparently is my father in-law's birthday. How did I know? This cute message from mom! I love you ma! What would I do without you!

"hello dear
pls don't forget, tomorrow is ur father-in-law's b.day i.e. 2.5.2010. wish him as nd when u get up. i know u r vry busy lady , hence as a personnel assistant, nd well wisher , i am reminding u da.
my lov  to u and ur hubby and mil. nd my special lov nd kisses to my s.heart...rani" himachal ki rani:
ok beta tke care bye"

Now yes, since it is Papa's Birthday,  Mom-in-law won't tell us. I need to be the responsible bahu and remind   Ady, before Mama reminds us tomorrow.Thanks Amma for helping me add a feather to my cap. But just a small favor....Could you please remind me tomorrow morning? :-)

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