Driti speaks quiet fluently these days. And she speaks super fast. The only problem is it's difficult to understand what she says, if you're not involved in the entire context.

Like us, she has her set of favorite words as well. 'Deetee' being the frequently used. She has another favorite. This is a close second to 'Deetee'. It's 'Guyum'. Now I think it means 'Give'. 'Cause whenever she uses that word, she takes something away from my hands.

I'm holding a bottle of water. "Guyum", and that's being pulled out of my hands. I'm holding 'Monkey Baby', a term we use to refer to her Monkey soft toy and her at the same time. 'Guyum', and there's a tug at the monkey's tail.

So I've decided 'Guyum' is baby for 'Give'. Like Rachel, who immediately checked the dictionary out when Emma uttered 'gleba', in an episode of 'Friends', I did a quick net search. Perhaps I have a genius at home too. Go ahead do a Google search. If you do find something interesting let me know. For all that I could find out was baby to me. Nothing made sense. And I don't even have the context here!

Monkey Baby and I would be able to get that missing piece of the puzzle! :-)

Until then, Buyum (I think that's baby for Bye!)


  1. There will be lots more da. Kukus and dadas ....
    No! Not self experience. Just have quite a few kids Arnd here.

    Nice to keep stayin in touch with happenings back thr through ur blog.
    Take care.

    Buyum :-D
    - rk

  2. Thanks RK. Sorry.. just saw your comment.Yep.. we have peash and thanta (tranlated to please and thank you) here :-)