First Words you say?

Driti does not like to talk much. Especially, if you ask her to. She'll do it only if she pleases.
So although she knows how to pronounce words ( before you raise your eyebrows with a 'motherly instinct eh?'), let me clarify that this is no motherly instinct. I heard her :-)

The other day mom-i-l and I were in the kitchen trying to teach the new maid - the art of mixing the flour to make the dough of impeccable consistency, so the roti is soft as butter.  (well, mom in law was teaching, and I used the opportunity to secretly learn as well.. yep she does not know, I've never kneaded :-)), and Driti said ..'AATA' referring to the dough. We were jubilant! We were proud of our little prodigy. She knew the raw material to her staple food, and at such a young age!

So, the 2 of us (the maid was not much of a sport, so she didn't show much excitement), jumped up and down repeating 'AATA, AATA' and suddenly Driti looked at us as if we were a couple of fools learning new letters in life!

That's not  only where she left me red faced. Early in the morning today, the early bird got up to wake her sleepy mom. She sat over me and pulled my eye lids over. 'Eyesh' she said.  I got up at that very instance and ran over to mom - i-l. 'Mama', I jumped with excitement. 'Driti just said 'eyesh' pointing to my eyes'
'Acha', my mom-i-l was equally excited. 'Eyes bolo beta' she said, pointing and poking at her eyes.

Again, Driti gave us a 'what's wrong with you guys? kinda look'

The only words she consistently says is 'Bye', 'Hi' and ofcourse , 'E-I-E-I-O' from Old Mc Donald.

'Ah the pleasures and embarrassments of learning with a toddler!'

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