Who's in a name?

Driti, Mom in law and I were at the park yesterday. A new resident walked past us, trying to pull the leash on her son, who was only a little short of falling on the ground and screaming for ice cream. I could gather from their conversation that she had promised her 5 year old an ice cream if he took bath that day. She had however not kept her promise as 'papa wasn't home yet', and the brat was trying to force his way through by threatening to  take a sand bath, if his effort wasn't rewarded. "Oh Amrit", she pleaded with him, "why can't you behave yourself, and stay quiet like this cute little baby?", she said, referring to our little angel. Just when we were about to hit the 9th cloud, our princess thought the better of it, and helped do a quick reality check, by stuffing a handful of pebbles in her mouth. Both mom in law and I rushed to her, screaming "Driti!', "Sameeksha!". Now it was the turn of the brat and his mom to stay 'quiet like the cute little baby'. They were looking for 2 kids, and one seemed invisible, 'cause mom- in law and I leapt in the same direction. Only, there was just one kid to respond to both the names!

To clear herself of the confusion, the brat's mom asked  "Um... that's a cute baby. What's her name?"

Obviously, oblivious to the unrest we had created in the lady and her kid's mind, we both replied, "Driti", "Sameeksha".
The same thing happened again.. While I referred to darling daughter as 'Driti', Mom in law referred to her as 'Sameeksha'
"Well", I tried explaining, now looking at the exasperated look on the woman's face a little more closely.
"She is Sameeksha officially and Driti at home", Both Mom in law and I smiled.

"Oh ok! nice names!", she smiled back. As if his curiosity was now doused, Amrit started pulling and pushing again, and the woman tried to control him, this time without citing her previous example, noticing that the cute baby, had 4 adult fingers, in her mouth, trying to extract that last pebble. The mouth at the other end of the fingers was also screaming in pain, as the 'angel' seemed to mistake the finger for a carrot! "Ouch! am sorry!", I apologized for screaming.  "Teething" , my mother in law explained, trying to justify her precious grand daughter's 'perfectly normal' behavior.

'We need to be consistent, when we introduce Driti', I told my MIL, once the lady left the scene. ' We can't confuse people with two completely different names for the same kid.' It's not like, we're calling her Sammy or Sam. We're calling her 2 beautiful names, which in the real world are usually used for 2 different people.
MIL agreed. " Yes. Let's call her Sameeksha. Since it is her official name",she said. " No. I meant Driti. Since this is going to be her play group at home!" "She'll get confused beta."  I knew it was time to use my trump card. I had two names, and I don't think it bothers me at all!