Daddy's Day Out!

So Ady was reading my blog the other day and was upset. Upset that I hadn't written anything about him. Isn't he the apple of my eyes anymore? Has the DD taken over his place? The 'All important person in my life' till about a year ago, was now suddenly replaced?

So this post is solely dedicated to my dearest husband.

We were trying to wean Driti and make her a lil more independent (if that's possible, considering she's totally on her own when her friends are around. You should see her ignore us royally during play time. Oops, I'm losing the flow. This post was supposed to be on Ady, not Driti!).

We decided, night time was the time she was actually very clingy. And if at all we plan on a vacation, it's going to be very difficult. So we decided to go watch a movie. And guess which one we ended up watching? Well, in sometime now...:-)

I must thank Ady for taking me to this movie. I LedOL after about ages now. Hilarious I must say. Or may be just because we were going for a night show in sometime now. I am not much of a night bird, and Driti only became my excuse to not go to movies late in the evening!

Our date started around 7, when we left for the movie theater. We decided to just go to the nearest theatre and watch any show that was playing! No advance booking, like the old college days. So I ran to the counter, while Ady was parking the car. We reached at 8:00 PM. So we weren't sure, how long we'd have to wait for the next movie. We'd probably have to wait another hour or 2 before the next movie.

"When's the next movie?" I panted at the counter. " 8:45 PM". The guy at the counter answered. " I'll take 2", I pushed in a Rs 500 note in.  He was surprised I didn't even ask the name of the movie.

Ady joined me at the counter now. The movie buff that he is, he asked me which movie I had bought the tickets for. "The 8:45 show" I answered. "The name!" he stressed, now wondering why he had to be so clear. " Oh.. I don't know!", I said, looking into the tickets. "What?"

"Date Night!" and we both smiled. This was indeed our date night!

"Let's go grab something to eat. " I said. Am famished. It suddenly felt like 3 years ago, when we were just you know..'Dating!'

So we disposed a half eaten frankie (yuck!), drowned a cold coffee and ice tea respectively, and decided to dig into our bucket of pop corn and burger at the movie.

"Mom, Dad! I'm hungry, can you pls make me breakfast?" The movie had started. When Steve Farrell looked into the clock, it read 4:57 AM.  The movie had my attention now. This could be us, in a few years.

With each passing scene, I was literally ROTFL. I loved the movie. May be because it was a movie that we went to see - like in college!
Ady was surprised I was laughing so much. "It's not even that funny!" He remarked. "Seriously? It's hilarious!"

I loved the movie. Ady loved it that I loved it. We had a ball. We had so much fun placing who could be at what stage in their lives through the movie, we loved it to the core. We saw ourselves sometimes too. By the time the movie finished --- I was in tears. ('cause of laughing btw).

Note: This is not a rave review for the movie. We just went nuts. Under saner conditions, we may not have enjoyed it as much.

We dug into 'Amore' after the movie. I asked him for almost anything, I could feast on, though I was completely full. I wanted to relive my college days. I ate one fourth of everything and thrust the rest in Ady's mouth. It was super!

Thank God! For little nothings! Life is such a joy!

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