Reasons My Daughter Won't Sleep

  1. It's boring.
  2. It's night time.
  3. Her ankle's aching just when I kiss her 'Goodnight'
  4. She needs to poop.
  5. She wants water.
  6. The story I just finished reading to her, is not the one she wanted me to read, even though she was the one who chose it in the first place.
  7. She wants to write her own story.
  8. Tomorrow takes a long time to come.
  9. The light goes off when she shuts her eyes.
  10. Her body wants her to jump on the bed.
  11. She's hungry. (This after my running behind her coaxing her to finish her food, which, when she was eating, she wasn't hungry.)
  12. If she slept because the Sun slept, she'd be copying the Sun. And she does not want to copy the Sun.
  13. She's cold but she's hot. Yeah. Go figure.
  14. There's a pea under her pillow that none of us can see. And because she's a princess, she can't sleep.
  15. She misses grandma and wants to Skype right now!
  16. She wants to see God when she's praying.
  17. If God doesn't show up, she wants to keep praying with Mamma in the room.
  18. She doesn't remember her dreams. So what's the point of going to bed to dream?
  19. Her body does not need rest.
  20. She's already growing because she eats fruits and vegetables and if sleeping also makes her grow,  she'll become a Giant.


  1. haha.. badiya.. ek dum sahi kahaa usney :)

  2. haan ji.. she's absolutely right! Tell that to a grumpy me in the morning :)