The Art and Science of Language - At Home

Driti is very interested in the 'art of writing'. Ok, she's interested in holding the pen and writing some words, and we're thrilled that the focus is slowly moving from princesses, castles and fairies... and PINK to something, we can relate to.

Few sentences down and she realizes - under is 'UN' der and wonder is w'ON'der.  

She hates that Monday is M'ON'day not M'UN'DAY. 

"English is a funny language, Driti", we try weakly. "There are a lot of words that will confuse you"

"Are all languages like that?" she asks. 

"No, baby. Hindi's not like that" Ady says with an expanded chest. 

"Even Tamil", I add. She needs to know a thing or two about my mother tongue too!

"Hindi?" Driti asks surprised. "Hindi's also a funny language papa"

"Why do you say that?" Ady asks visibly upset. 

"Well, yesterday is called 'kal' and tomorrow is called 'kal' too"

Yeah, we didn't have a response. 

"Hindi ain't as scientific as Tamil" I chuckle at Ady later. 

"I guess you're right" Ady admits.

"You agree?" I'm shocked. Really? How did this happen? He's accepted defeat? Is age catching up with him? Is he giving up arguing with me? Have I finally won?

"Yes. I agree" and then he adds "Badmaja"  reminding me of the limited number of letters in the Tamil script and the interchangeable usage of the same letters. Ba for Pa in this case.

So much for teaching the 'science' of a language.  

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