4 and three quarters

When it comes to growing up, Driti and I are in split minds. She wants to grow fast because she wants to be able to eat ice cream which her doctor had prescribed she can eat only when she is 5, because she wants to wear beautiful big girl clothes and because she can get married and have her own baby.

She does not want to grow because I won't be able to carry her and she won't be so cute anymore. (All her, not me. She's seen a lot of adults are not fussed over I guess)

I want her to grow up because I want her to clean up after herself, I want her to have the attention span higher than a moth (this could be an unrealistic expectation, considering I... hey, look a purple car!).

I don't want her to grow up fast because, I want her to be my little cuddly bundle, I want to be able to hug and kiss her as much as I can before I become completely annoying to her and she is embarrassed of me. How dare she!

So anyway, she's keeping a track of how old she is to the closest count.  And right now, she is 4 and three quarters. She knew it when she was 4 and a half and for some strange reason, I assumed she knew what 4 and three quarters were.

And she's been telling that to everyone. When I am on the phone and somebody on the other line's asking me how old my daughter is, and if I've said 4 or 4 and a half, she'll jump up and down and scream till I correct myself and confirm on the phone that she is in fact 4 and three quarters.

So yesterday, while putting her to sleep, it occurred to Ady, that she may not even know what three quarters is. So he asked her to write her age on a piece of paper before he could explain it.

And what she wrote made us tumble down with laughter. I mean, really.  Take a look. (Ignore the scribbling on the left)

That's 4 and 3 coins signifying 3 25 cent coins. 4 and three quarters. But of course!
I rest in 'piece' while Ady's been 'cent' to explain the count!

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