When You Have a Foreign Name

People who know DD, know that she has two names. To preserve her privacy (if there's even a chance, now) I'd like to address her, DD. Both her names are tricky here. It's an effort for us and to the listener to ensure that the pronunciation is right. 
It's a struggle really, having a foreign name (sounds so strange to call ourselves foreign), but the truth of the matter is, it is a tongue twister for people here. 

So I suggested DD try and shrink her name up, so she won't have such a hard time enunciating her name in so many permutations and combinations. 

"But it's MY name" she said. "I want people to know my full name, my real name. I am not going to shrink it."

So the girl doesn't want give up. To anyone who cannot pronounce her name, she spells her name out, urges them to listen when she is explaining and then asks them to repeat after her. She also goes on to explain the meaning of her name(s), as if that will help them pronounce it better.

It is effective 30% of the time, but well, it's effective 30% of the time. 

"You can call my mom 'Paddy' she adds immediately after introducing me to anyone."

"That's easy" they'll say. "And for me" I'll agree. I really don't want people to butcher my name into a million pieces. I am ok with Paddy, after all that's what I was called in India too. Thanks +Nihal Fernandes.

But I do admire the pride that my daughter has in her name and its meaning. She confuses her two names, but for the most part, gets it right!

I am proud of you too, darling.

Photo Credit: Quinn Dombrowski/Flickr

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  1. Happy Birthday Paddy! xxxs Proud to know all of you with your foreign names.