6 Going on 19

DD is her own person. Not that she ever stopped to listen to any of us, since...birth, but truth be told, she's reaching that stage where it's becoming increasingly difficult to get to her without an argument. 

She's in  rush to grow up. She wants to be 19, and soon. Why 19? Well, that's because that is the biggest number of a teenager. She wants to be a teenager and what's more awesome than being the oldest teenager?

My manager had once advised me that you need to act the next level, to get to the next level. But here's the thing, I never shared that piece of information with my daughter, but she's naturally learnt it. She acts every bit like the 19 year old, I don't have. Here's a sample of her words of wisdom: 

Discussion between Dad and daughter:
Ady: DD, if you don't listen to me then I'll have to become very strict. 
DD: No Papa, you can't be. You're not that kind of a guy. 
Ady to me: How does she already know about 'kind of guy'? Did you talk to her?

Me and DD
Me: If I get angry darling, don't get mad, back OK. Just listen. I'll relax soon.
DD: You can't tell me what to feel Mamma, those are my feelings.
Me to myself : Darn those Feelings books!

DD and her Dad
DD: Can I get a make up set for my birthday?
Ady: Of course not. 
DD: But I want to be a fashion designer or a make up artist.
Ady: But what about your earlier dream of being an author/ circus artist/ teacher/president?
DD: I am allowed to change my mind. I am growing up. 

By her own admission, she loves arguments. 
Me: "Why DD? why do you love arguments?" 
DD: "I don't know, I just do."
Me: But why?
DD: It's very entertaining. I especially like arguing with you.
Me: Why me?
DD: Because it's fun
Me: How can it be fun? It's frustrating.
DD: OK, let's argue about it. 

DD on her door
"Do not enter."
I enter.
DD: Mamma, there's a 'Do Not Enter' sign on the door.
Me: But I wanted to come in to talk to you.
DD: Would you like it when I disobey your request?
Me: No. 
DD: Then when you come in, in spite of the sign, I feel disrespected. 
Really! Darn those Feelings books!!!

(Photo Credit: Pixabay)

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