Missing No More

We've played Hide & Seek a lot with Driti, where she's hidden stuff and we've had to seek. 
If you're missing stuff in your house, maybe this cheat sheet could help. 

  1. No. of spoons and forks seem drastically less? - Check the woofer of the sound system. You could also find missing building blocks in there.
  2. Lost the remote? Check the 'trunk' of the tricycle.
  3. Missing Kindle? Find it in the doll house. That's where 'the girl running away from the beast' a.k.a Temple Run is resting after a long run.
  4. Missing miniature antique soup bowls? Check the bubble box. You'd be able to blow it out.
  5. Missing Belt? Check the neatly wrapped gift for Cinderella. It could be working over time as the bow.
  6. Where's your hat? Is it colorful? - Yes. Is it bright? - Yes. Oh, then it's no longer yours. It's her over sized tiara holder. Check her closet.
  7. Found something solid in the bubble box? If it's not the soup bowl, it could be a bubble gum soaking up the bubbles so it 'works' well the next time. 
  8. A missing CD? Many missing CDs? - Check the legs of the tiny lego man. He needs to move fast -  faster than the cars with smaller wheels.  
  9. Bought new sketch pens? Check under the oven..they may have 'just rolled away'. 
  10. Missing hand soap? Is it pink? Yes. Check her bathroom. Bend a bit.  It's on the tub, at her height. 
  11. Missing Ganesha idol? - Check the bath tub. "Gods also need to take a bath!

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