Pickles by Driti

Driti is scared of zombies. She knows that "you become a zombie when you don't sleep." But she won't sleep - because - she is scared of zombies - you see the circular pickle I'm in?

She wants to grow long hair, so I say, "Eat green vegetables and you will grow long lustrous hair. And "Eat reds, so you get red cheeks" "And yellow?"  she asks. 
"What yellow?" How many vegetables are yellow? 
"Because when you mix red and green, it becomes yellow"

Ady to Driti in some really emotional moment:  "Driti, don't ever leave me baby. Don't" Driti : "What, you don't want me to get married?"

Ady: "Driti, what do you want to be when you grow up?" Driti: "I don't know. But I don't want to be an astronaut"
Both of us :" Why?" 
Driti: "Because they keep dying on the way to the moon" 
Darn that NASA trip in Florida!
Us: "But remember, there were people who actually walked on the moon?"
Driti: "No. They just jumped. And I can do that right here. See!"
                                            Driti not being an astronaut

I drew a mickey mouse. Yes. I did. Ady drew an umbrella. 
Driti: "Papa, very nice umbrella. I love the colors"
Me: "What about this Driti?"
Driti: "Very nice elephant mamma"
Me: " Driti, this is Mickey Mouse"
Driti: "Oh, I thought it was Minni Mouse, Mamma" 

Driti: "Why do I always have to be small?"
Me:"You're not small. Diya is younger to you, Karthik is younger to you"
Driti: "No. In this house. Why can't the two of you be younger? Then I can tell you what to do?"

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