Very Inspiring Blogger!

Judith Van Praag made my day! It was a casual Meetup that led me to this incredible woman, who's so full of ideas, so well connected, and oh so beyond helpful! So being recognized by this multi-talented Dutchess Abroad, is truly amazing. Her blog, Hope Filled Jars, is an awesome place to hang out and I truly recommend it. Now, it's my turn to pass the baton.

I've never met Denise McGee. But, I have only the nicest things to say about her. She's recently published her book, One Small Touch which is available on Amazon. This lady is a repository of information in herself! I had casually reached out to her without expecting a reply and boy, did she floor me! She is a super woman, who loves sharing all her knowledge! Thank you Denise!

Kalpana Behara, from back home is a great blogger, super mom and a fun lady to hang out with. I like reading about her Little World and admire how she handles all those responsibilities and 'chores' with super ease and excitement. 

Krishnamurthi, aka JK is a quiz stud, a wizard with words, and has an amazing wit to boot. His blog, Mango Indian (the literal translation of Aam Aadmi) is a 'straight from the gut' take on the world as he sees it. You have to stop by to see what I'm talking about!

Honoree, here are the steps for joining the Very Inspiring Blogger Award/Very Inspiring Blog rolls:
1) Thank and link the blogger who has nominated you.
2) Then post the award logo to your blog.
3) Write a post on the nomination and nominate other very inspiring bloggers.
4) Notify them and then tell seven things about yourself.

So here are 7 things about me:

1. I'm learning to be patient, thanks to my daughter - who was named Driti (patience) to aid the process.
2. The portion in the brain that helps in understanding topography is missing in mine.
3. I hate driving, am a horrible navigator because of 2 above. If you read my earlier posts you'll know why I wanted a license that bad.
4. The only 'sport' I am into is running. Every other sport to me is a waste of time.
5. I am an idli and curd(yogurt) rice devotee. Even if we go to a fancy restaurant or an Italian joint, I need to have my night's curd to sleep well.
6. Although a Tamilian by birth, I love watching Telugu movies.
7. I am a vegetarian who hates butter, paneer, peas and potato and am married into a North Indian family who's grocery list is incomplete without these items and then some chicken.


  1. Dear Padmaja, Thank you for your kind words. You open up a new world for me with your award honorees. Thanks to Kalpana I remembered I as well had an empty shoebox I filled with treasures when I was nine! (Not liking paneer? What's up with that? Sag Paneer is among my favorite Indian dishes :-)

  2. Awww, Padmaja, the honor was mine. You have no idea how pleased I was that I was able to help you. You know where to find me if you have any more questions. :)