Why Men Stink at Negotiations

Maybe an addendum to  'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus', and adding fuel to this debate on Today.com, but this is definitely a place that brings out a stark contrast.

We women, master the art of bargaining, and working around problems from the get go. It's in the DNA. Men, need a straightforward solution, most of the times, and like all theories, this little one, also comes with exceptions.

When I tell Driti about the consequences of her action, she knows I'll follow through; and knock on wood, I haven't had to follow through a lot many times, simply because she listens to me.

Ady on the other hand, is the softer parent. He hates it that I'm behind her all the time, and admittedly so, so he tries to be the 'cool dad' and the 'my best friend -dad' kinda parent.

Just for one day, I let Ady have his way and getting through to his daughter. Mamma, had a vacation upstairs so to say. Within minutes, I heard loud clatter followed by Ady's screams. "Driti, why did you drop all your colors and books down? And why is the water spilled?"

"It fell Papa" came a nonchalant voice.
Ady must've started cleaning up, 'cause I heard another round of "Driti, I am cleaning, why are you dropping your sketch pens down?"
No answer.

So Ady decided to take things in his own hands. It was his work day, and he was working from home. This was his break time - he had 15 minutes to get back to his laptop. He was all dressed, so he could've as well decided to ditch his idea of working from home and go to office.

"Driti", he said "I will give you five minutes. If you don't pick up the mess you've made, I'll go to my office"
"I don't want you to go to office Papa"
"Ok, then clean up"
No movement in the direction of the mess. NO retribution and hence no picking up the sketches.
Ady did not know what to do, the five minutes were running over.
"Driti, do you want Papa to go to office?"
"No Papa", pat came the reply
"Then why are you not cleaning up? I'll go to office"
"You won't go Papa"
"Why do you think so?" he asked. How could she possibly know? " See, I am wearing my work clothes?"
"Yes Papa. But you're not wearing your shoes!"

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  1. LOL Wonderful! I've got a new guilty pleasure, and it's sneaking a peek at the stories of your life here in Seattle Padmaja. You've got a delightful family and a great narrative voice, and the dialogue is right on! I can hear everyone speak as I read your post. Love it! Can't wait for your book(s) to come out.