Thank you Pa

Today, I saw the latest episode of 'The Modern Family'  - The Party Crashers. I'm actually a big fan of sitcoms. I become faithful to anything that makes me laugh.  It's a tough task, so it is kind of a big deal that The Modern Family has made the cut. But, the surprising thing is, I did not laugh watching this episode - I cried. No no, not remembering my experiences through childbirth with D, but watching the interaction between Haley and Phil.

Haley's messing with her dad who, after she dropped out of college has become very strict with her. She dates a middle aged guy to spite her parents. Since Claire had had the exact same episode with her Dad, she tells Phil to ignore their daughter and she'll come around.

Phil tries his best but cannot just stand and watch when he feels his daughter is making a bad decision. So he chases after her, inspite of Claire asking him to stay back. While Haley and her boyfriend head out from the hospital, Phil rushes through the other elevator. In the meantime Haley comes back and rants at her mom that they just don't care about her anymore, and that they're very mean to her and don;t treat her like their kid anymore - all this while still holding the elevator door.

Phil comes back for the car keys and yells at Claire that he cannot let his child take off with any guy, let alone a middle aged jeans designer. He screams that he's still that caring dad that thinks no boy is good enough for his princess, oblivious to Haley's presence.

And Haley steps out of the elevator and hugs her confused Dad. I cried. I cried because I miss being my daddy's princess.  I miss being the kid who doesn't have to worry about anything. I miss being able to leave all my worries to my dad. I miss being pampered for no reason. I hate being a grown up. I'm lost at all the responsibilities that come with being a 'big girl',  a wife, a mom.

And then I realized  I did not give that hug to my Dad. I did not thank him for being my Knight through my life and I do not want to regret it.

Dearest Appa

I probably haven't told this to you before, but I really miss you guys here. I miss being Papa's little girl.

I miss being able to completely depend on you and not worry about a thing. My records, my report cards, even my pay checks- I just knew I could give them to you and rest assured that you would take care of them. 

I  wish I could turn the time back, and rest on your arm pa.  I just wish I could tell you so many thank yous for so many things you've done for us. 

Amma and you only get to hear what you've not done for us, and I really want to take this moment to let you know that I am indeed grateful for you for standing in that long queue to get me admitted in St Ann's, for letting me go on the trips from school although it may have been a financial crunch, for getting those Britannia glucose biscuits and giving them to Swe and me as soon as you got home so we're not famished till Ma came home, for saving your snack from office for us, if you knew we'd love them,  for letting us decide on what we want to do in life, for standing by me in my decisions, for being my wall, for believing in me and approving of my choice of husband and for being happy for me, for being with me when I had a baby of my own and supporting me through the new phase in my life, for loving her more than me - if that's possible. Above all, for being you. 



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