Celebrating Mothers' Day

Well yes, we do not celebrate mother's day much. So if someone makes a big deal of it, you wouldn't mind it much :)

This Mother's Day was pure pleasure. 99.9%. The 0.1% deficit will be explained later.

So Driti's hand at the surprise party was huge. She feigned utter ignorance on what was ahead.

On the day, we had a very important agenda of visiting a relative's place and sorting some docs.

We finished the formality by 5, and started on our way back. Ady suddenly took a detour at Taj Krishna. "Let's just have dinner here" he said. " Thank you" I smiled. "Hey not a celebration. Just that I am famished"

"Yeah sure"

We went to the chinese hang out. Ady raced before us. And when I reached the table, this is what was on the table

I literally had tears in my eyes. Thank you Ady, Driti, so much for making this day so very special. The food was awesome. The staff was oh so cordial. i loved every bit of it. The grand finale ofcourse, was the cake :)

The 0.1% ruiner were two tight lipped britishers, who asked us to hush Driti who was playful the whole night. Everybody was enjoying her antics, except these two utterly rude and uptight people. They asked me, "Excuse me, do you mind?" I didn't react and just stared at them. So they realized it was best if they spoke to my husband, who knew I was about to break into flames. He was laughing uncontrollably. Bloody stiff upper lips.

So anyway, but for these arrogant snobs (sorry.. but a kid's a kid.. you can't expect ultimate decorum from a 2 year old - especially a 2 year old) the day was ultimately awesome.

Was I surprised, yes ofcourse. Did I get the hints - well - let's examine the evidence:

When we were returning home, Ady took the Banjara Hills route as opposed to the Hi-Tech City route. Even so, he would not stop at any place to buy anything as he 'wanted to reach home fast' This is uncharacteristic of him - totally. He is a very 'why the hurry' kinda guy.

He took a different route and explained to me that he made a detour by mistake. I know zilch about routes. And he explained it to me.. why?

He spoke to someone on the phone 'no sorry the plans are different for today'. And he explained, "I have an interview tomorrow and I can't take it" Tomorrow? But I heard today.

Anyway.. so to answer if I knew.. let's just say....

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