In Love with her World

Driti does not like watching TV. BUT.. (you need to imagine a big fat, huge BUT (with a single T)), she loves watching her rhymes. If when she was an infant, she liked watching animated cartoons, as a toddler, she likes watching actual 'small people' do their singing.

And while she is at that, she will ignore the whole world. She does not need her dearest Mamma or almost dearest Papa, or the pampering thatha, not even Paati. Infact, if we stand in front of her, obstructing her view of the big screen, she'd immediately get up from her seat and push you aside. And if you were like me, and wouldn't budge, she'd do the cute "Mamma, please move"

I added another song to her favorites "Hot Potatoes", by the Wiggles. But she refuses to dance. Given that her parents have a pair of left feet each, the least I'd expect is for my kid to be a sport who has anatomically the correct set of dancing equipment. So I dance for her. Just to encourage. Yes Yes.. not the ideal dancer, but still I think am better than a shorter version of the lame Amitabh Bachchan steps by the better half.

I don't know if this is OK - letting her watch rhymes, but she sure picks up words. It's either the rhymes or her school which helps her do this. So when she said 'again', 'door', 'buchi', we did not teach her that.

Whatever, Tom, the Piper's son does, he puts in a precious smile on my kid's face. I guess, that's all that counts.

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