Some Family Fun!

Saturday, 11 June 2010

We were to reach Golconda Resort at 11:30 AM. Ady had made arrangements at the resort and the Kiners were to join us there.
As usual, we reached at 12:45 sharp! It was nobody's fault (are you reading this as my fault? well.. ok.. ya.. it was me.. but for the record, it's not always me. Some other times, its something else, which causes me to be late, for example, spilled milk on the floor because Driti believes in feeding the Goddess Earth before she eats, and so on). The Kiners had reached at 11:30 AM. Punctual. And noticing the hosts missing, they decided to hit the pool!

Mikaela and Henry have 2 adorable children - Simon and Sidoney. Simon tries to copy the Indian accent and does a great job at it. His current favorite phrase is 'jolly good fellow'. Sido is a sweetheart! An absolute darling! She loves spending time with Sameeksha. She even pronounces the name accurately. Driti (Sameeksha) loves her too, and the girls always have fun together. Hugs overflow when the two meet. As Mikaela puts it...'Soul Sisters!'

So when we reached and Driti saw the kids in the pool, she wanted to hit the water too (literally!)And she readily slipped into her bathing suit! (she usually protests when we try changing her clothes). She looked adorable in her lil watermelon suit. To quote Sido " Her suit is so cute! I could eat her! I love watermelons!"

But Ady changed his mind, he said he'd rather play the other sports and hit the pool in the evening. It was very hot, and he felt the sudden change in temperature may not be very good for Driti. So the cutie had to get out of her suit, and we went up to the tennis court. Well, Henry, Ady and Simon did. And Mikaela and I voted for Simon as the best player.

Sido tried to climb over the see-saw. (teeter -totter, per Mikaela) She did not believe in the regular routine of sitting on it! She helped Sameeksha around it though and also helped her ride the toy horse.
After the game, Ady and Henry joined us and said, "the ball doesn't bounce well". Ofcourse it didn't! :-) Mikaela and I burst out laughing at the excuse the guys provided for a poor game. Simon was the rockstar! On the winner, Ady and Henry said that each had won the match. Now, the match was clearly not a draw, so am guessing, neither actually kept scores :-)

We then took off to the pool table. It was the Kiners vs the Singhs. And yes, the Singhs won the game (all credit due to Ady, I just made sure, I hit a ball, irrespective of whether it was ours or the Kiners'). It was a best of 3, and each game came with a bet. So we won, a dinner that Mikaela would prepare (well, Ady felt since he and Mikaela never cooked, it would be interesting to bet their cooking prowess), a trip to Ramoji film city. Sidoney wanted to baby sit Sameeksha as the third bet. So we let that be, ofcourse with the help of her parents.

We had to eat sometime! So we went down for a buffet lunch. Sido couldn't stop feeding the fryums to Sameeksha and Samee could not say no to Sido. Wow! they were literally drowning us in their love for each other!!! :)

Another round of pool and beer (which Samee and Sido tried desperately to get their hands on), preceded the swimming pool fun.

Samee and I were the only two people who did not know how to swim. So we had floaters around and she looked cute. (I am not commenting on how I looked. Please note, it was only for survival)

Driti almost fell asleep in the pool. Sido could not get enough of the water, Simon was a lil scared to enter the pool. Henry was the gymnastic stool for Sido, Ady the life-guard, Mikaela was the monkey in Simon's ball game and I was the novice- an almost first timer in the water.

Soon it was time for us to leave. We had to meet Shitanshu for dinner. It was his treat for the birthday last week! Alas! Sidoney and Sameeksha had to part. So Sido settled for a 2.5 hours of baby sitting the next day. And the fun continued the next day at the Kiner residence, while the parents went to the spa!

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