The Alumni Meet

Somethings are an Experience, and cannot just be explained. What happened last Saturday was one such event.

Bidhan reached the place a lil earlier than us ... well he was on time, we were late. Pappu and Shitanshu were on the way, TP had just about left his place.

"Why do we always have to be late? Can't you plan things early?" Ady was really excited about this event and was looking forward to it the whole evening. So now, when my shoe broke, he was upset that we're losing precious minutes hunting for a shoe shop.

"Sorry Ady, I couldn't plan for my shoe to break before we started". I said wryly.

"No. I mean...", he was calm now, " Why are we late always?"

I looked at the invitation again. It said 7 onwards. And it was only 7:30.

"Ady, we're not late. Nobody would have come yet." "But for Bidhan", I quickly added.

So we searched quite a few places, before we decided it was best for me to go home and change my shoes. Thank fully, we stayed close by.

Venue:Boulder Hills - 8:00 PM
Event:XL Alumni Meet

One of the best meets ever. May be because of the friends, location, or simply because it took us back to college - The event was exciting.

We started off with the Karaoke, braying away the songs like a pro. TP, Bidhan, Meena and I were the official singers (well, we'd like to call ourselves that, although if you dig a little deeper, you may find that, we gagged and hand cuffed the DJ, before pulling the mike off of him)

We danced like maniacs. Pappu was the center of almost all songs.

"Bachna ae haseenon.. Pappu aa gaya!"
"Pappu can't dance saala!"

We danced like maniacs. Ady was only 7 drinks down. He said so even after he refilled his glass the 14th time. Bachchan songs are his favorite, so 'Bachchaaaaaan, Bachchaaaaaan' was his favorite attack on the DJ.

His boss was around as well, so he could not use any of his trade mark slogans.

We had some soft rock and roll numbers in between. These were special requests from the juniors. How were we to know? So.. "Ek, do, teen, chaar.. DJ ki...#$*$ maar"

Then we decided, it was high time we took on a rival neighborhood college..

"$%&* mar jaayega...#$$* ki maut...XL waale.. gayenge....mar gaya..$%#$%$##$#$"
That's all I can write here. You need to be in XL to actually decode this :-)

We surprisingly met a couple of our colony folks at the Alumni meet. The world indeed is a small place. Apparently the alumni meet is where we can socialize the most.

It was a well organized party. Thanks to the batch of 2011.

No meet is complete without the 'Summer of '69', 'XL ki kudiya', 'GMD', 'XL meri jaan'
So with this ritual, TP, Ady and Pappu decided they needed to add one more. At 12:00 AM, they decided to play C grade Dumb C with the juniors. And God. It was fun!

C grade Hindi films to a batch of ultra modern yuppies! To know the names of the movies, please reach out to me separately. This is a family safe post :-)

So if I were to give away awards:

Most romantic: Bidhan and Meena (non XLer)
The almost totally drunk: Pappu (he was 2 wines down and needed just one more, before the bar was out of stock. He refused to drink anything else)
Most energetic: Sowmya (danced to the maximum no. of songs)
Most sportive: Eresh (batch of 2011 and had the highest no. of slogans against him)
2 Idiots: TP and Bidhan
The 3rd Idiot: Chatur from the junior batch
The maximum no. of drinks: Ady.. 7 going on 7
Most passionate ex- flames: Ady and Sheetanshu!!!

This alumni meet by far is one of the best I've attended.

Truly the spirit of XL meri Jaan remains!

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