Summer Days

The summer vacation has been super fun for DD, what with grandparents around and no mom or dad to set limits at home.

If I say anything against her wish, she'll immediately rush to her grandparents for support. If you want to understand the true meaning of loyalty, talk to a grandparent about the grandchild. You will also observe unswerving devotion and deep sincerity. The middle man, aka the parent comes no where in the picture.

So when DD runs to her grandparents, they of course support their darling.
"Who's older?" DD will ask me, if I still dare to protest against her 'well-thought-through' decision.
"OK" I'll resign. "Take a bath tomorrow."

My MIL makes her favorite Khichdi and Okra curry almost everyday. I am thankful that my daughter has at least inherited my taste buds.

She is always teasing her grandfather who cracks up when she complains about him to us. "Mamma, Dadda was a couch potato today. He was watching soooo much TV."

They take her to her ballet class and she'll immediately follow up with time at the park. She won't come back home till she is the last person in the playground. 

If I say I'll take her to the library, she'll say "Can I get daadi along? Who will take care of me when you go to get your own books?" 

It's nice to have grandparents around. I love when my Paati welcomes me with open arms and hot plates of idlis. DD likes the Khichdi. 

Good things do come in small and simple packages.

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