Me vs Nature

Yesterday was a big day. Too big to be true. My biggest fear (at least the biggest one in the last 5 years) came true. The moment I had been postponing, the fact of life that I was refusing to come to terms with, came true. I knew I was fighting a losing battle, but I thought I still had some time - 3 months maybe. 

But it was not to be. Nature got to me - earlier. 
In spite of my repeated pleas with D, and her best efforts, she couldn't contain her wiggly tooth anymore. That darned pretzel finally brought her first milk tooth down.

D lost her tooth at school, there was nothing I could do. I would have taken the pretzel away, if it meant saving her milk tooth for another day. Maybe D would have pleaded with me for the Pretzel, and maybe I'd've traded her a cotton candy, maybe.

When she did lose her tooth, she was taken to the nurse by her classmates. She was now the proud loser of her tooth. The fifth big kid to cross this crucial threshold of Kindergarten life. 

Tooth Fairy by veli

"I was biting on my pretzel when suddenly I couldn't bite, and it was too hard. I wasn't sure what it was, when I spat it out, it was my tooth, Mamma!" she would later recite excitedly to me and to anyone who stopped to hear the story of her missing tooth.

A parent who was volunteering at school at the time, later asked me "So how did you react to D's lost tooth?" 

"I am depressed."

"That's exactly how your daughter predicted you'll react" she smiled.

"Come again?"

"Your daughter said 'I am very excited that I lost my tooth. I am a big girl now. But my mother will start crying.'" 

"Well, yeah. I've been asking her to hold it in, but.... what can I say" I said.

"I know. I went through the same thing."

"My daughter lost her tooth at the exact same time last year", another dad tried. "I asked her to hold it back too!"

So I guess I'm not all alone. Parents don't want their kids to grow. 

In the evening when Ady walked home, D went running to him, "Papa, I lost my tooth!"

"Yay!" He screamed. "That's awesome! Let's celebrate!"

I stand corrected. Some parents do contradict their wife's feelings. 

"And you know what Papa, another tooth is wiggly."

Me - 0 , Nature -1

(Image Credit: Veli/Devianart)

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