D seems to be learning a lot about probabilities. I wonder where she's getting all this information.
Anything we discuss these days elicits responses with tons and tons of probabilities from her.

Today for example, I was telling her why it is unlawful to pass a school bus. 
Me: "When the red lights on the bus blink, we should just wait for the bus to move. We shouldn't try to pass it."
D: "Why Mamma?"

Me: "Because kids could be getting off the bus and we have to be careful. They don't always see all the directions right?"
D: "Yeah, maybe they are in a hurry to go to their house or to the park or to meet their friend or to ride their bike. Or because it is very cold and they want to take a warm bath or have warm soup..."
Me: "Yeah. So they may not always see around them."
D: "Yeah, because they're so busy in talking with each other, if two of them get down together, or because there's some beautiful flower on the sidewalk that they want to see or there are dandelions they want to blow on..."
Me: "..."
event tree by mcol - An event tree diagram.

D: "It's not only when they get off, Mamma, it's also when they get on. Even then."
Me: "You're right. We can't pass even when they're getting on."
D: "Yeah, the kids could mistake our car to be theirs, although the number plates are different, they can get confused if their car color is the same as ours." 'Kids' she says, as if she's some middle aged woman. 
Me: Yeah. 
D: "Or maybe they'll see you inside and not come here, because you're not their mother. Or maybe they'll want to come if they see me and if they know me from school."
Me: "..."
D:  "And if they come and you don't stop, there will be an accident, and there will be police and all that. So that's why it is unlawful." 
Me: "Yeah." 
D: "So then it is illegal? What's the difference between unlawful and illegal, Mamma?"
She wants me to explain something that's still being debated. Can you imagine the probable scenarios she'll come up with? 

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