The Diwali DealMaker

D is very lucky. At least that's what I want her to think - she gets to celebrate Diwali on 2 days. A Tamil Diwali and as Ady calls it, 'the rest of India Diwali'. But be as it may, we treated her to South and North Indian delicacies.

This year, we went a step further and also included Tamil and Hindi devotional songs, for no apparent reason. I just wanted D to see how Diwali was celebrated at my home and Ady wanted to add a Hindi flavor.

We lit lamps, dressed up in new clothes (she got 2 sets), offered prayers, cooked together, ate in steel plates, the whole nine yards.

She knows the story of Diwali, in fact she explained it at her school today, so we didn't want to spend more time discussing Ravana's teeth brushing issues or Sita's struggles without jewelry in captivity.

This year, I tried to teach her something new.

"D, you know Diwali is a celebration" I said.

"Yes. It marks Rama's return to Ayodhya, after...."

"Yeah, I know.  Good job" I said. I didn't want to hear the story for the fourth time today.

"So, I want to teach you another ritual that we do. Kids prostrate at the feet of the grown ups and seek their blessings." Ady did not want to be a part of it. In his family, girls don't prostrate until marriage. Only boys do.

"And grownups usually bless the kids and give them gifts." I smiled trying to excite her.
"What do you want, baby?"

"Mamma, a gift doesn't have to be something to play with, or money, right?"

I was very impressed. My daughter is not a 'Material Girl'

"Yes, darling" I answered, swelling with pride.

"Great! Then I want to see a cartoon today." She beamed.

Tricked! I was annoyed, that little firecracker negotiated her way to get what she wants. I was fuming. She knows she gets to watch cartoons only over the weekend. But this, this was just underhanded. Oh, to be fooled by a five-year-old.

Ady was smiling, basking in the satisfaction he derived from my defeat. "You promised!" he said smugly.

So now, my 'innocent' daughter is watching her cartoon while I'm trying to hide my defeat in a blog post. So much for rituals!

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