Missing Someone to Infinity

We came to India, leaving Ady behind in Seattle about a month back. 
It was a much awaited vacation and D and I were very excited to visit our family. At the same time, we were disappointed that Ady wouldn't be able to join us.

It was a wonderful surprise when Ady did manage to make it to India for a couple of weeks and we did get to meet both sets of parents (his and mine) together. 

When we were about to board the flight, D couldn't curtail her enthusiasm. "Yay!" she screamed, "we are going to India."

"Why do you like going to India so much?" Ady wanted to know. 
"The clothes are so beautiful and shiny and sparkly." she said. 
"So you are going for the clothes?" Ady asked. 
"... And to meet my family - thata, paati, dadda, daadi, bui, my friends and cousins"
"But it's mainly due to the clothes?"
"No." she instantly replied. "Even the jewelry -the bangles, chains, earrings.."
While we were amused with her honesty, Ady really started feeling lonely. He was after all going to miss us for a good month and a half. He hadn't made a plan to visit us yet; if he did, he didn't tell us. 

"Will you miss me?" he asked, hugging his little daughter. 
"Yes!" came the reply on reflex. 
"How much?" the engineering brain needed quantification. 
"Umm.... 100" 
"That's it? I thought you'll miss me till infinity."
"But I can't miss you till infinity, papa"
"Why not? You don't love me?"
"I love you till infinity, papa, but I can't miss you till infinity."
"I love you till infinity because I love you a lot - it's huge and you can just not count till where I love you. But if I miss you till infinity, that means I can't meet you ever again. I want to meet you again papa and I know I will. So I don't want to miss you till infinity."

"That's so sweet, baby" I smiled, hugging papa and baby. 
"It really is" said Ady hugging us back.
"She understands the concept of infinity" the engineering brain whispered. 

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