Stupid Suggestion - Befitting Retort

Today while dropping off Driti at school her teacher quickly caught me 'to have a word'.
That's never a good sign. 

"Did you tell your mother about nap time?" he asked. 
"No" Driti replied. But ofcourse. 
"She won't sleep?" I offered. Like eating and potty, sleeping is a waste of time too for the princess. But the teachers were aware of this too and had worked around it, instructing her only to be quiet. So if he was still talking to me about this, the issue must be bigger. 

"I made a little noise, but after sometime, I was quiet" Driti confessed. 
"I won't make noise again" she turned to her teacher and promised. 
"No, honey. You were not noisy at all at nap time."
"Then?" I asked confused.
"It's just that I am concerned" the teacher said. 
My heart started racing. Why was he so concerned? What on Earth was my daughter doing at nap time? 

Her teacher turned towards her : "What happens at nap time, honey?"
"Everybody is quiet and they sleep"
"And what do you do, honey?" 
"I don't sleep" 
Nothing new there. So get on with the suspense already!
"And?" he urged.
"I do headstands on my bed"
I muffled my laugh. I did not expect that response.

Now, I know she's a gymnast. She can never stand or sit in one place. She will always be on her hands or on her head, but I thought that was a show specially created for parental pleasure. It also served as an excellent exercise for us as we keep running behind her and diving like Neo. Only  we do not dodge bullets, but grab all fragile and breakable things out of her way. 
So turns out, we were not that special after all. 

"Driti" I started. "At home it's mostly carpeted, so you're safer. But here it's all wood. You shouldn't be doing all this. Especially when there are so many hard beds around"
"Then what can I do at nap time?"
I should've just said "Nap" and risked the series of questions. But I said something else.

"Maybe you can try and do potty at the time?" Yeah, I know. Even the teacher gave me confused looks. It does sound lame. But I was not going to leave any opportunity to get my constipated daughter to sit on the toilet. 

"But I don't get potty Mamma, it doesn't work"
"What doesn't work, baby?"
"My tusshy doesn't work on the toilet Mamma. It works only when I do somersaults."
Well yeah - you make a silly suggestion you get an answer that shuts you up.

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