And So She Unlearns

It is with great regret that I share that my daughter is unlearning Hindi. 

She listens to what we say, but turns out, she comprehends it differently. And it's just been a year in Seattle. 

Today, she came up to me and said, "Mamma, you know, the little finger is called 'Katti' and the thumb is called 'dost'" 

I know I shouldn't have, but I was so amused with the whole thing, I asked her to show it to me. She did just that, and with the same tone, that we're used to as kids - If we're unhappy with a friend, we say 'katti' showing the little finger, and if we want to make friends, we say 'dost?'.

My mother used to play this game with her, and she recollected this incident yesterday - out of the blue. 

So yes, I clarified this to her. But....her unlearning it doesn't end there. And it doesn't end with just Hindi. 

I've taken the following incident to heart. I just can't get over it. I.. I.. 

Anyway, I'll try and keep my emotions under check while sharing the story here.

How long can you keep a South-Indian from South-Indian food? Turns out, you can keep this South-Indian away for a maximum of 1 week, before withdrawal symptoms kick in. 

So, the 2 week trip to Spain did have adverse effects on my mental make. Driti also wanted to have idlis. Her palate is completely South Indian. Good for me. So the remaining Indian had to take us for a binge. 

I ordered dosa, Driti - idli and Ady - biryani.

I don't mean to cause that drool by sharing our food choices; so please wipe that off. 

Anyway, we're eating silently (really silently, so you know all the craving did have an effect on us), and suddenly Driti declares, "Mamma, I am not going to eat the hummus, it's very spicy". "What hummus?" we're eating South Indian and we're thoroughly confused. 

"This one", she says pointing to the chutney. Could anyone get me a thimble filled with dripping water? I could easily jump into it.

My genes, my favorite food, and my only daughter. There's been a cross connection somewhere!


  1. I had to like this Post :)

    Seems the Teens & the rebelious attitudes are kicking in early :))

    Do keep me posted on the developments... Chutney as Hummus.. Why Didn't I even try the co-relation.

    1. The silver lining is, I am more or less cued into how dangerous those teenage years are going to be. Or should I say, how magnified?