We had a very big discussion yesterday. I'm using the word 'discussion' to tone down the entire stream of 'communication'. The conversations these days seem to be super sonic almost tearing the lungs apart for the minion.

She was completely disappointed that we were married. She was even more disappointed that she wasn't. And when she realized that we were also engaged at some point and would celebrate our 'verversary', all hell broke lose.

"When will I get to wear those clothes?" " Why don't I have an engagement?" "When will I get to wear the black chain forever?" "When will I grow up?" "Why is everyone married?" 

She already knows who she wants to get married. The names may change each month, but atleast for the month, she is confident about the person she wants to tie the knot with. 

Her biggest concern is not that she wasn't in the wedding (that we explained). Her biggest concern is that she doesn't get to celebrate her anniversary, while everybody else seems to.

No, birthdays are different and she knows it. Her mom and dad get to celebrate them too, don't they? She wants an anniversary. Now, you see, it's easy to just give her any day and call it an anniversary. But how do you keep track of it? (Yeah, she knows anniversary comes every year). 

And we would want to believe that she will forget the day next year, but when we celebrate our anniversary, we're calling for a loose canon to blow up any minute. Now, we could bank on D maturing with age and all that, but we weren't willing to risk another melt down in about half a year. Instead of waiting for the end of the world, we decided we could be proactive too ala John Cusack in that fateful movie.We'd much rather address it right now, than have a flood of tears and noise control come over at a later stage.

So, our anniversary day (any major milestone we'd like to acknowledge) is the day that we celebrate our family. It's no longer wedding anniversary or engagement day. It's 'famiversary'. That's a quick fix. 

But every wedding, raises so many questions. Why is she not the bride? Why does the bride get to be the bride?

And at the actual big bang wedding this summer - I'm just going to leave the lighted firecracker out in the open. After all, weddings are much better with fire works. 

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