Where's the Party Tonight?

Given a choice, I would much rather sit in a cozy corner at home than go out and meet new people. I'd much rather sit with a book, my laptop or a sitcom and interact with people virtually than shake hands with people in 3-D. People I know, I have no problem interacting - it's the new people that cause butterflies to do trapeze routines in my tummy. 

D on the other hand - is a party animal. A social butterfly. She refuses to come back home after school. And because she knows her teachers and friends will also go to their respective houses at some point. She'll reluctantly come with me complaining, "You're mean Mamma".

When on play dates, as soon as she lands in a friend's house, she'll say: "Mamma, you go. I will have my play date and you can pick me after a long time"

Her new school is close to a lot of human activity and high foot fall. So getting her from the car to her class, takes eternity. She'll talk to everyone. She'll ask everyone what they're doing. If she finds a smoker near a 'No-smoking', she'll go and tell him "You're not supposed to smoke here. Why are you smoking?" The embarrassed guy (it was a guy) would just walk away and apologize to her.  She's into the "Why is there a cross over there" phase now. She wants to know why you can't use the lift when there's a fire. Why kids can't sit in the grocery goods part of the cart in the supermarket. Why you can't take U turns. Everything. 

So anyway, when we do get to the school, she'll want to decide which class she wants to go to; which one is more fun. Hers or the younger kids or the older kids. And she'll take a while to decide while I keep looking at the time and goading her. Nothing can rush her. She'll do everything at her own pace. I wish I were like that. 

And when weekend finally arrives, she's up at 6 in the morning.  She'll come running to us pounce on the bed and say, "What are we going to do today?"

I'll say "Dance class and swimming class, Driti"

"But after that? Where else will we go?"

"Sleep Driti"

"But if we keep sleeping, the Sun will go away and we have to sleep again"

Such clear priorities. I can already hear her as a teenager. "Where's the party tonight?"

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