Mother's Day for the Father and the Friend

This was the first Mother's Day my daughter could actually do something for me. Her motor skills had developed - finally! No, I don't mean she could cook or go to the shopping mall to get me something fancy (I wish), but this could've been the time she could  actually  make something for me. A drawing, a collection of stones or a bouquet dried and dehydrated flowers or just a box of plain old worms. This could've been my year of - The -Mother's -Day-when-Driti-made-something-just-for-me.

And Ady should've helped her do exactly that. But he had just returned from China and she had learnt about Mother's Day from her mother. I had told her  that Mother's Day is a day you listen to everything your mom says. And she didn't feel it was any different from the rest of the days in her life. 

But I didn't give up. Yeah, the fighter that I am. I was persistent. I got her all these cup cake stickers and sheets of paper. I gave them all to her and asked her to go nuts. And obediently enough, she did. 

"It's beautiful Driti" I chimed eyeing that sheet in her hand and greedily reaching out for it. "It's not for you" she said.
 "What? Why? Today is Mother's Day" I protested.

"I'll make a puzzle for you when we return from dinner with Sidonie and Simon. This is for Sidonie" she said stealing away my thunder and handing it over to her beloved friend in a fancy platter with delicious cup cakes. 

"Driti, Mamma will feel bad" Ady tried. 
"But you're there na Papa?" she said referring to the poster he got for her. 

You see, when we had gone on a vacation recently, I got this wall hanging of Mom's rules for her:

And Ady wanted to get something too, and he got:

So it was Mother's Day alright, but it was the father who got the "Aaww" moment and the friend who got the creative art. 

So Mamma had to make papa splurge to make up for an unplanned Mom's day. It was so stressful  - shoe shopping! 

But the best part - she did remember to make the puzzle for me. Happy Mother's Day?

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