And We're in Seattle

'It's bright and sunny appa. Don't know why everybody was scaring me that the whether is going to be wet wetter and a little more wet" I remember telling my father when we landed here. "Good. Hope it stays this way" he'd reacted. Two months in and it seemed routine. Bright sun, felt like we were back in Hyderabad. We spoke to Mom and Dad on a regular basis, so the only thing missing seemed mom's specialty idlis.
Yesterday, our friends said, "Welcome to Seattle" The blinds were down, so did the honors, pulled it up and played the whole dramatic scene. 

"Wow, it's so pleasant" Ady reacted. "Let's go out once the roads dry up a little" I said. 
"Sure, then let's wait for eight more months" our friends seemed to be waiting to make that statement. 

So looks like the magic spell that we brought with us from Hyderabad has finally worn off. We're now living in a tap. The bright side of it, it's only leaky and does not go full throttle. 

D looked out the window and started singing "Itsy bitsy spider". She's still singing. Eight more months babe, and we'll be right out the spout.  Till then, it's this

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