Ring the bell yet?

OK. So it's been a little more than a week here.. and surprise...surprise... looks like I am surviving.
First things first, need to, have to, - get that driving license. Yes, I know, the Indian license is valid for a few months, but I drove like a motorcyclist in India. Not like a motorcyclist driving a motorcycle - but a motorcyclist driving a car. Any nook, any gap in the road, I'd squeeze my vehicle in. And I never, ever got pulled up. Mostly because if the Traffic Police 'uncle' got a sad smile or knew that I had a toddler in the back seat, he never bothered to stop me.  And not once was I caught speeding - well not that I ever had a chance there, not even that I would ever have taken that chance. Going beyond 40 km/h is a sin, and our Dad taught us well.Not here. Here, I need to be in my best behavior. Alright, the best learnt behavior. On the contrary I could get a ticket for driving too slow.. too slow! My Schumacher speed is 60kmph.

So I opted for the bus. Driti's school starts in September, but with one week - just the two of us, we decided it was time for some day care or pre-schooling activity. She was the person to ask for it. Wow! I do have baby sitting skills! I take her in the bus now and get her back - also in the bus.

The first day in the bus again, was an experience. Did you know the driver does not stop the bus, till you ring the bell. I learnt it the hard way. The driver of our bus stopped about 5 blocks from the bus stop I was to get down. And here I was telling him that he did not stop where he had to stop. "You didn't pull' he said. "Pull what?' I was on the brink of pulling my hair. "The bell, the bell", he said gesturing towards it. Ok. I should pull the bell. So Dri and I walked back to her school trying not to jump any signals. The pedestrian has the right of way. But only when they cross it legally. You just can't look left and right and cross!! :O So we stuck to the rules. Am so glad Driti knows Red is stop, orange is wait and green is go. She tells me, just when I notice there's a great spa around the corner.

So far, so good. We're still sane, and we're going to school and we're learning.

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